From The Mouth Of The Guru

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 Paramjeet SINGH & KAUR interpret on their new album "From The Mouth Of The Guru" six Kundalini Yoga mantras in the tradition taught by Yogi Bhajan. "These recordings were made ??in order to assist you in your personal transformation and healing. The age-old mantras act by its sound power directly on the psyche and body and release blockages and obstacles that separate you from your true self. Dive into the world yoga of sound and experience the healing effect of the word”. "For every one it is immediately applicable and an experience with detailed descriptions of each meditation in the booklet”. "A CD to listen, to meditate and to transform”. " Mantra is one of the most effective and reliable methods to cleanse the subconscious and negative habit pattern trigger”. “A CD to join in and turn on”. Mantras reduce the ego, which adjusts your true self and your true happiness”.

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Sat Nam Wahe Guru 11:37 4,715 1
Har Hare Hari 11:50 2,065 2
Gobinde Mukande 7:05 2,351 3
Ajai Alai 11:02 4,337 4
Har Har Mukande 11:20 4,473 5
Kaal Akaal 11:04 1,107 6