Meditations for Transformation: Honoring the Divine Feminine


"Through this shabd one develops reverence and sacredness in relationships with women. It takes away mother phobias and anger." This is a beautiful prayer recited for opening one up to the divine feminine energy. For a man, it can be used to elevate his communication with the women in his life. It is also something very special he can do for his partner or spouse. The words are very humbling. They leave no room for excuses for wrong treatment or thinking in relation to a woman and allow man to view and treat women in the elevated manner that the poem itself describes. In the same way that many women recite the 'Sopurkh' prayer for the man or men in their lives, men can recite this Bhand Jamee-ai prayer for a woman. When a woman recites this prayer, it empowers her and gives her the dignity that is her birthright. Along with Sopurkh meditation, this is a primary shabd for the graceful woman who wants her prayers to bless her relationships, her family and her world. In the daily prayer of the Sikhs, Ardas, it states that before meditating on any of the gurus, one must first and foremost meditate on the the Feminine Primal Power. In other words, the divine feminine is the doorway to reach the guru. Without honoring this, it is very difficult to proceed. The gurus knew this and taught it. Without the sweetness, kindness, love, strength and wisdom of the divine feminine, don't bother to continue the rest of this prayer. Meditate on this first, then meditate on the gurus. It is this way in life. Until one can honor the divine feminine, many doors are closed. In honoring the divine feminine, the doors open. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

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