Mantra Mala


Aykanna's new release, Mantra Mala, promises to move your feet and uplift your spirit! Recorded during their first pregnancy, Akah and Sukhdev have been deeply inspired to birth this new project. Enjoy a series of mantras to support us in these times and, of course, a few groovy tracks for those dance meditations we love! Mantra Mala will transport you from the finite into the Infinite journey of the heart.

MANTRA: These mantras are scientific tools for our changing times. They are a point of focus to quiet the busy thoughts in our mind. Repetition of these mantras creates an oasis for us to discover who we really are. Through mantra, we can overcome fear of the unknown and thrive.

Sukhdev Jackson – Guitar, Lead & background vocals, Keys, Strings
Akahdahmah Jackson – Percussion, Congas, Udu, Dun Dun, Vocals
Benjamin Davis – Bass, Strings
Grecco Buratto –Electric Guitar, Bass
Hans Christian – Cello, Sarangi, Keys, Sitara, Fretless Bass, Percussion
Eric Soullivan - Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar
Jamie Papish – Dombek, Daf, Rig
Namliv - Background Vocals on Aap Sohai


Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Jap Man Sat Nam 5:59 1,777 1
Wahe Guru ( 11min Meditation) 11:02 1,871 2
Be the Light 4:34 1,378 3
I Love You, I Thank You 3:31 941 4
Light of My Soul 7:45 1,868 5
Manipura 4:46 870 6
Aap Sohai Hoa ( 11 Min Meditation) 12:19 2,594 7
Funky Divinity 4:17 1,092 8
Guru Ram Das 5:48 1,796 9