Man Jaaphu


This album is a sewa aimed to preserve the Rich tradition of Gurmat
Sangeet and to promote youth tp take up the practice and singing of
Kirtan. Special thanks goes to Principal Sukhwant Ji and Master Manbir
Ji for their guidance, coaching and inspiration.

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Aaj Morey 5:14 2,209 1
Hau Firo Divani 8:09 2,036 2
Mere Lalan Ki Soba 6:36 1,927 3
Man Jaaphu 9:21 2,714 4
Prabh Jio 5:42 3,588 5
Waheguru Simran (With Davenderpal-Indian Idol) 27:03 11,760 6