This CD was a real labor of love. Yogi Bhajan had appeared to me in a dream asking me to record more of Jaap Sahib. For me, this was my way of sharing the one BANI that had gotten me through all my greatest challenges in my life so far.....2 divorces and lots of doubts along the way.This prayer is expressly for overcoming the negative mind. It is not a Bhakti mantra but a Sahibee mantra. It will penetrate into the darkest thought pattern and clear it dredge it and move it OUT!I decided that meditating and reciting this mantra as a meditation was really important. To get the effect that I experienced meant to really deeply meditate. So, I did two things after composing some easy music with very upbeat rythyms. I added a mediation on the package to be done with the Gobinday mukunday and the Ajai Alai tracks. Then I added a tract with Yogi Bhajan's words about how this works and it became a wonderfully entrancing and informative musical mini lecture.Now we have a beautiful feminine but powerful mix for conquering the negative mind and one for overcoming chronic depression. Listen to this deeply and you will see what I mean. This is definitely a sound technology of healing for these troubled and uncertain times.Much love and success to you in your mission of self elevation. Share your stories and experiences of how the mantras have helped you. I would love to hear from you.

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Ajai Alai 11:09 11,132
Gobinday Mukhanday 31:22 7,903
Gobinday Mukhanday (Lecture) 28:04 7,566