Ignite your light Light


I have been singing and teaching mantra's in the New York area for 15 years. Just last month my assistant, Grace, invited the musician and Violinist, Ferenz Kallos, to a performance at Golden Bridge Yoga to accompany our mantra band.It was musical love at first site. Not only was Ferenz a talented musician but he also composes and had done many CDs for another well known Yoga Teacher. The music was very well known to me but I had not known until now that Ferenz was the composer and producer.My creative flow started to kick in and within a few days we started recording some mantra's. A new CD was born. This time with electronic music and club dance rythms and angelic high pitched vocals in Western Classical style with meditations for BEGINNERS. This CD is for all my work associates and friends who are not doing meditation. Now, they have no excuse.

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Long Time Sun 2:58 3,039
Long Time Sun - Long Version 15:49 2,372
Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo - Tune in 2:11 2,700
Ong Namo Guru Deva 11:12 3,707
Pavan Guru 13:38 5,381
Pavan Guru - Angelic Version 11:35 2,951
Wahe Guru 11:12 3,483