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Carry Us Home


In the heart of every song is a human being. Beautiful guitars, violin, ancient rhythms, and angelic voices are woven together with such love that by listening to this album or just having it play in your home or environment will bring blessings. Peace Family's third album with Livtar Singh, Snatam Kaur and Guru Ganesha Singh is a musical miracle that celebrated life as a journey home.

Album Tracks

Title Length Playssort descending Track
Quiet Hero 5:18 900
True Guru 8:30 956
You Can Have My Heart 3:06 1,202
Perfect Harmony 10:50 1,220
We Are We 11:50 1,266
Sailin Through the Stars 8:42 1,495
Universe 8:42 1,545
Little Song 3:06 1,660
My True Guru 8:30 1,726
Carry Us Home 12:31 2,139
As It Is In Heaven 12:31 3,003
Golden Temple 11:01 3,161
Ik Ong Kar Satgur Prasad 10:50 3,240
World Chant 64:49 3,249
God And Me Are One 11:01 3,460
Aad Puraan 11:50 5,231