Call for the Beloved


Call for the Beloved” is a themed collection of mantras and shabds about the quest for Divine Love. Each track has a specific relevance to aspects which are important in preparing for, and attracting a partner, with which to engage in a loving lasting, relationship, based in principles of living in higher consciousness . It has been 10 years in the making, from my observation of many friends and community brethren, I have seen seeking love. This album is dedicated to their journey, and a is a prayer that their lessons learned along the way, will serve the highest destiny, of all concerned.

The CD opens with Hari Har/We are the People of Love . Hari Har was the first Kundalini yoga meditation taught for prosperity, and works on both prosperity and the heart center. The HAR sound when chanted, naturally vibrates the heart center, and the visualization for this mantra is to project green energy ( the color of both the heart chakra and monetary abundance). We are the People of Love was written by Yogi Bhajan, and is an affirmation for the frequency of being a loving being now and always.

Amrit Nam is a sacred verse from the Sikhs with the instruction to engage in drinking(meditating on) the nectar Name of God, doing seva or service,and living mindfully in remembrance of the Divine. These activities are a great way to grow a relationship with one’s own soul as a primary foundation, before relating with others and co-incidentally happen to be wonderful activities to share with someone you’d want to get to know better. This also contains the mantra Sat Nam, which is to connect with your inner Truth.

The next three meditations are to help heal the past, and clear the way:

Wahe Guru Jio is a meditation for Cold Depression, a state Yogi Bhajan cited as very common to our world in this time, in which people are shut down from feeling their feelings, and in simple terms, can be like armor that someone carries, from stress, hurt or betrayal, of the past.

Ad Guray Nameh could help a person who lacks confidence or who has dealt with boundary issues and can aid in strengthening the auric field and arc line. It can help to build a resilient projection to give and receive love. Har Har Wahay Guru is a meditation to deal with, and manage mother /father phobias, and the way they can sabotage relationships.

Crimson is from the writings of the 4th Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das, and is a poignant poem of intense longing for the Divine Beloved.

Mera Man Lochay is a hymn from the Sikh Sacred verses, based on a true story of a devotee separated from his Guru and was given as a meditation with the Ahd Such mantra, to heal the wounds and separations experienced in love, and to bring the Beloved.

I want to acknowledge and thank Dr. Sat Kaur, Jivan Joti Kaur, and Tej Kaur, and their expertise as counselors, which I sought, in choosing what would be most relevant and helpful tools, to aid in the journey towards conscious Divine connection, for this project.

Love, Light, and Blessings,
Sat Kartar

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Ahd Guray Nameh 9:02 2,475
Cold Depression Blues (Wahe Guru Jio) 7:54 2,085
Mera Man Lochay 6:26 2,970
Tershula Kryia (Har Har Wahe Guru) 8:00 4,121