Bara Maha (Musical English Translation)


Guru Nanak's Bara Maha in English Put to Music and Sung by by Don Cooper

The Bara Maha is a classical form of divine poetry written by Guru Nanak Dev Ji using the changing months and seasons of the year as a backdrop for the spiritual romance between God and the human soul.  Don Cooper took this inspired composition and put it to amazing music: twelve distinct tunes each expressing a unique energy through the verses of Bara Maha using a variety of instrumentation including saxophone, flute, strings, guitars and keyboards along with fantastic background vocals.

He gave this recording to Yogi Bhajan on Guru Nanak's birthday in 1985.  Now, in 2012, Don Cooper has generously donated the work to anyone who wants to play or share it freely. You can find more of Don's music at


Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Chayt 3:43 3,275 1
Vaisaakh 2:54 1,741 2
Jayt'h 3:13 1,104 3
Aasaarh 4:20 1,602 4
Saawan 2:43 1,009 5
Bhaadon 3:28 1,058 6
Assu 2:52 1,019 7
Katak 3:15 832 8
Maghar 2:03 895 9
Poh 3:45 802 10
Maagh 2:39 937 11
Phalgun 3:02 1,727 12