The Alchemist's Prayer


Ram Dass is accompanied by the skillful tablas of Manish Vyas and the soaring vocals of Nirinjan Kaur, "The Alchemist's Prayer" is a glorious musical adventure!

Ram Dass' debut album, is an incredible presentation of the sound that has blossomed from Ram Dass' intense passion for music and the creative spirit. With influences ranging from The Beatles to Nusrate Fateh Ali Khan, Ram Dass' music has an amazing range and depth that will pull you in from the first note. He journeys from soulful to playful, and the musicianship that accompanies each track is stellar.

As a special project, Spirit Voyage ran a remix competition for Ram Dass' first track Namo Namo, and remixers from all over the world participated. The winner, Glenn Main, is from Norway and did a fantastic job with his remix. All proceeds from the sale of this track go to Yoga for Youth!!


Ram Dass Khalsa: Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Piano, Nylon Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Clarinet, Bass, Shaker, Keyboards, Harmonium, Hand Claps, Percussion Programming
Narayan Khalsa: Electric Guitar, Nylon Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Hand Claps, Outdoor Recording, Percussion Programming
Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa: Vocals
Manish Vyas: Tabla, Vocals

Sahib-Amar Khalsa: Viola, Hand Claps
Amar Khalsa: Alto Flute, Soprano Flute, Piano
Hans Christian: Cello

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Aap Sahaee Hoa 8:11 2,242
Ardas Bhaee - I Lay Me Down 6:56 2,297
Namo Namo (Sat Nam) 7:38 2,178
NamoNamo-Glenn Main Remix 4:55 2,747
Rakhay Rakhanhaar 10:15 1,741
Sat Narayan 9:44 1,984