Mata Dharat – Mother Earth


 Mother Earth

This year’s theme is about the environment, and the future of this planet

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97% of scientists agree that carbon pollution is causing man-made global climate change. The population is getting larger and our current practices of using fossil fuels is literally suffocating us.


Some of the issues that affect Sikhs in Punjab right now are: smog, the decreasing water table, the farming crisis, pesticides, energy use, lack of mass transit, overpopulation, burning of garbage and many more.

Here’s your chance to shine a light on these issues and on the work being done to help save our planet.

Did you know that Patna (birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh ji) is the 6th most polluted city in the world? Amritsar is the 14th most polluted city!

We feel that this problem is getting so big that as Sikhs we must pay attention to it now.


So what can you make your film about?


  • Real or fictional dramas about how the environment is impacting us personally
  • Punjab – education and solutions
  • How to decrease the smog in the Punjab/India
  • Guru Har Rai Ji
  • Films about people making a difference with the environment – real or fictional
  • Sci-fi enacting how good/bad the environment will be in the future
  • Nature according to Gurbani
  • How your Gurdwara/Community/Family/Self can help the environment
  • Research/Documentary about environmental issues
  • Research/Documentary about environmental solutions
  • How each of us individually impacts the environment & things we can do
  • Activism – making real change
  • The use of disposables (especially styrofoam) for Langars and Nagar Kirtans
  • Organic foods and Langars


Just because this topic is science-based doesn’t mean you are limited to making a documentary. A good film needs a story. The environmental issues provide a problem that any character can struggle with, and that is the foundation for a good dramatic film. Make a film that brings awareness or inspires action. Most importantly it has to make the viewer feel something.

Good luck.

Deadline: Aug. 31, 2016

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