Jeha Beeje So Loone

This Film is based on many True stories Of Panjab where children do not respect their parents but they don’t know about this. “What he plants, so does he harvest”
Our story describes how Seva Singh doing hard work in fields and reading bani. His son Pooran also follow him and follow this things:

Vandh Chakna (Sharing)

Kirat Karna (Hard Work)

Nam Japna (Chanting)

Bana (Sikh Appearance)

Bani (Scripture)

Seva (Selfless Service)

Simran (Spiritual Reflection)

Sarbat Da Bhalla (Good Will To All)”

But Mohan Singh who is elder brother of Seva Singh is not interested in these things so that’s why his son also miss behaves.

Directed by: Satkarn Singh (Age: 20)
Location: Punjab, India
Length: 10 min 1 sec

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