This video exposes the experiences of 22-year-old Harleen Kaur in relation to religion, nationality, and identity. As Harleen recalls how her relationship with Sikhism changed after the Oak Creek shootings here in the US, the viewer gets to know the strong and remarkable character of this Indian, Sikh, dastaar-wearing, kirpan-carrying young woman and gains some insight to her decision to wear a dastaar and her relationship with America.

I chose to show the story through a string of photographs because I wanted to show moments from Harleen’s everyday, routinely life, while overlaying it with deeper insight about her background, to give the suggestion that many everyday American Sikhs who have common American lives are dealing with similar situations as Harleen Kaur.

Directed by: Ambika Raina (Age: 21)
Location: Michigan, USA
Length: 8 minutes 45 seconds

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