Rab da Vaasta… every drop matters!

dc profile pic 347kbMust you kill in order to live…? One Sunday morning, a no typical customer walks into a small time barber shop in East Delhi, demanding a shave. Having faced the ordeal of 1984 anti-Sikh reprisal, Manjeet Singh Sandhu, a devout Sikh-turned-barber mulls over and faces an epiphany of sorts, upon coming face to face with his bête noire. Contextualized in the socio-religious political events of 1984-87 India (in the aftermath of Operation Bluestar and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination), Rab da Vaasta (For God’s Sake) – Every Drop Matters, is a screen adaptation of Hernando Téllez’s well-known story – Espuma y nada más (Just Lather, That’s All).

Directed by: Chakravarty Devulapalli  (Age: 29+)
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Length: 11 min


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