Mir Mannu’s Message For Women

Karishma Kaur & Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle Canada 3

Hi, I am Karishma Kaur, 11 years and I do seva with GGSSC Canada for their Gurmat Crash Courses. This video is the work of not just me but the whole team of GGSSC Canada.This is a small skit we performed live in front of 500 plus sikh sangat at GURMAT CRASH COURSE. It was to showcase the attrocities of Mir Mannu and the Courage of Sikh Women. I hope my young teenmates will learn something from this video. Please excuse us for our Canadian Accents as we did this skit in Punjabi on purpose..




Directed by: Karishma Kaur & Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle Canada   (Age: 11)
Location: Brampton, Ontario – Canada
Length: 20 min

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