Khalsa Has No Gender

gursunder_kaurOne summer day we (the kids of Cannock Gurdwara and Noor productions) were inspired to meditate together in the Darbar Sahib. The result was an unmatched inspiration to channel our thougths and concerns. We all deeply felt the neccessity to address issues within our faith about the injustice our mothers, sisters and daughters face …. throughout their lives, because Khalsa has no gender!!!

This video is a drama written and directed by Gursunder Kaur of Noor Productions. it illustrates situations in a typical Punjabi family: the way girls are always discriminated and treated inferior to boys….although our Dharma guides us on elevated values.

Our beloved Guru’s showed us equality and the essential role that a woman plays in everyday life; infact

Guru Nanak Dev ji broke the shackles of women by admitting them into the sangat,society

Guru Angad Dev ji encouraged the education of all Sikhs, men and women

Guru Amar Das ji condemned the cruel custom of sati, female infanticide and advocated widow remarriage

Guru Hargobind Sahib ji respected women and declared, “women is the conscience of man”.

Guru Gobind Singh ji did not see any distinction between the Khalsa!

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