Gurbani Makes A Difference

3rd place competition winner in 2011
for Junior age group (11-17)



movie_pictureThis movie is about a little girl who was adopted several times and moved from home to home. Because of this she was never good at making friends and she struggled with her social skills. She was bullied on a regular basis which lowered her self confidence. Her life changed completely when she met a Sikh girl named Gurbani Kaur, who by following Guru’s teachings learned that you should always help others regardless of their color, caste and religion.

Directed by: Neha Kaur, Gurkiran Kaur, Simran Kaur, Gurneet Kaur, Jivan Kaur, Netu Kaur, Gursimran Kaur (Age: 16)
Location: Windsor, Ontario – Canada
Length: 12 min 30 sec

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