Female Infanticide


My name is Tanveer Singh , originally from a city called Arusha in country called Tanzania which is in East Africa. After watching some very inspiring movies on sikhnet i decided to make a movie.

This video is about the killing of baby girls and why is it happening in this new age of time. Most of us ignore this problem which is affecting the society in whole. 

Recently i saw some news article regarding killing of girls in punjab , when i researched on the internet and found out that its actually affecting every one. I hope you enjoy this video and pass on the message and make a difference to educate ourselves and others regarding Female Infanticide.

I would lastly thank the siknet film festival for the everything they are doing for the society.



Directed by: Tanvir Singh Bhachu  (Age: 25)
Location: Smethwick, Birmingham  – United Kingdom
Length: 6 min 30 sec

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