The Appraisal

“Main Sikh haan” or “I am a Sikh”. Almost all of us dictate this statement to others or assert the same within our minds. But the parameters with which we tag ourselves as Sikh have been defined according to our personal comfort. What if we get confronted to a real evaluation based on actual parameters, defined by Guru and not by us? How many of us will be able to pass that appraisal? ‘Garry’ is the best employee, most recognized and appreciated project lead in an IT company. Living a life where his busy office schedule, late night parties and other preoccupations don’t leave with enough to do Path or visit Gurudwara. But that is anyways not so important for him. He has his own views about Sikhism and he is sure that he is a Sikh. Whether his views are right or he does not even qualify for evaluation as a Sikh. If not, then what?

1st place competition winner in 2010
for Senior age group (26+)


Directed by: Sukhvinder Pal Singh [SOCH] (Age: 26 or older)
Location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh – India
Length: 24 min, 43 sec


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