Peevo Pahul Khande Dhaar Hoye Janam Sohila

Its first time I have teamed up with wonderful people like Jaskaran Singh and Manvir Singh to make a movie. Its a movie that is inspired from life of Jaskaran Singh, also the lead role in movie and is not fiction or anything but a true story.. that tells how he comes on path of Sikhism clearing his doubts about ‘who is Sikh’ and the Baptism [Khande Baate Di Pahul].. Also the friends role in life is portrayed that a friend’s suggestion matter a lot for person..
Its my first attempt to make a movie without any professional instruments but a Digi Camera & Tripod!!! Rest watch and provide any feedback on [email protected]

Directed by: Amanjot Singh Khalsa (Age: 20)
Location: Jalandhar, Punjab – India
Length: 16 min,12 seconds

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