TurBAN---directorturBAN is a joint project between Dashmesh Pictures (Sartaj Singh Dhami) and G.N.E. (SaintSoulja aka Tanmit Singh, and The GodFather aka Gurvinder Singh).

In 2004, France passed a law banning all conspicuous religious symbols worn by students in public schools. Irremovable articles of faith, such as the Sikh turban, were included in the ban. Sikh students had to give up their faith, or give up their education. Many were forced to drop out, in the name of ‘secularism.’ Even though Sikh soliders were received as hereos in Marseilles in World War I, the Sikh turban is banned in France.

The following video editorial, in the form of a music video, artistically challenges the current regulations invoked in the French public school system.

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1st place competition winner in 2009
for age group 26 or older

Directed by: Sartaj Singh Dhami, Dashmesh Pictures (Age: 26 or older)
Location: Washington DC – USA
Length: 9 min,51 seconds


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