Through the Ashes

Through-The-Ashes---director2“Through the Ashes” is a documentary within a documentary chronicling 15 days of journeying through the importance of asking the question “Why?” and discovering the impact of incorporating meaning into aspects of Sikhi such as gender equality, standing out, and in this movie in particular—the meaning and importance of maintaining the Sikh Identity. After 2,500 miles of searching for answers, gathering the ideas of Sikhs and Non-Sikhs alike, and feeling the overwhelming kindness and hospitality of Sikhs in DC, a friend in Philadelphia, and busy filmmakers in NYC, I realized that yes, we must look for the answer, however we should not be discouraged if it seems we are not finding answers, because there is much to be learned by the journey itself.

1st place competition winner in 2009
for age group 18-25


Directed by: Harjus Singh (Age: 21)
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio – USA
Length: 25 min


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