Gur Sikh Meet Chalho Gur Chali

Gur-Sikh-Meet-Chalho---director     A gursikh shares such a spiritual bond with the Guru, that even death can’t separate the two. Unfortunately, today we have blatantly undermined this relation.
Sikh boys today go for fair complexion and mere physical beauty, sikh girls also look for smart, handsome cut surds. In this dark age of kalyug, can we rejuvenate the Guru-sikh relation? Can we revive the ethos of Anand Kaaraj as a spiritual bondage?
Film made by SOCH group (Sikh Organization In Care of Humanity).

3rd place competition winner in 2009
for age group 18-25
(award money donated to upliftment of Sikligar Sikhs and other needy in Hyderabad)


Directed by: Raminder and Randeep (SOCH group) (Age: 23)
Location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh – India
Length: 20 min,45 seconds




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