Guru Nanak – Please Come Back

“Guru Nanak, please come back” features a young Sikh boy named Bikram who although a reluctant believer in god has to finally seek his refuge to deal with the frustrations pent up within him owing to the ever increasing human suffering and miseries all around him.

A revelation dawns upon him that the age old teachings of Guru Nanak which withstood the test of time are still relevant and perhaps the only solution to all the problems in the world today.

Film by Arpan Singh Jolly
Smriti Sharma
Udit Mendiratta

Directed by: Arpan Singh Jolly,
Smriti Sharma,
Udit Mendiratta
 (Age: 21)
Location: New DelhiNew Delhi – India
Length: 17 min,47 seconds

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