My QUEST…ions

I present before you in all earnestness this documentary which is an honest attempt to bring forth the dilemma of a young Sikh, his insecurities and his helplessness as he treads along the path of Sikhi.

Even though he follows all the norms, every time he is faced with a question he does not find an appropriate answer and he does not know whom to approach in order to get one. Through this movie, he and many like him make a plea before you and the caretakers of Sikhi to guide them. is a wonderful step towards this. However we could further this by creating forums, large and small to create awareness and respect for our religion amongst us and amongst others. Holding regular discussions, platforms for narrations of history and readings of scholars could help. We need to invest in rural and urban alike. We need to act soon, before the faith is lost.

This is my humble request as I wish to convey through my video. Hoping for a better future for this wonderful religion of ours.

Harbir Singh Dhuna
Mumbai, India

Directed by: Harbir Singh (Age: 23)
Location: MumbaiMaharashtra – India
Length: 15 min

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