Guru Da Ghar

The video “Guru Da Ghar – A perspective” peeps into the minds of Sangat to obtain their views on the basic question as to “Why we come to Gurdwara and how it affects our lives”. Road shows were conducted across Gurdwaras in India for this purpose. Views expressed by the Sangat trigger a debate, instigating the youth to girdle up in right earnest and take up the challenge of re-rejuvenating the hallowed institution of Gurdwara – the life line of Sikhs.


In Punjabi (AnmolLipi font):-
gurU dw Gr – iek Jwq
vIfIau “gurU dw Gr – iek Jwq” ivc sMgq ƒ iek mOilk svwl pu~iCAw igAw ik
“AsI gurduAwry ikauN AwauNdy hW qy ies dw swfy jIvn qy kI prBwv pYNdw hY[”
ies mksd leI Bwrq dy bhuq swry gurduAwirAW iv`c rof So kIqy gey[sMgq dy ivcwrW qoN iek vwrqwlwp SurU hoieAw ijs ny nOjvwnW ƒ joS idvwieAw qy cuxOqI id`qI ik auh pivqr gurduAwrw sMsQw dI purwqn mrXwdw qy Swn ƒ iPr qoN bhwl krx leI kmrksy kr lYx qy qurMq mYdwn ‘c auqrx[


Directed by: Jaspreet Singh (Age: 23)
Location: Hyderabad – India
Length: 24 min,10 seconds


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