All His Grace

I was sitting in the Sangat one night with the lights turned off and it got really intense. There and then, Guru Ji gave me this idea, from start to finish. At first the character is really depressed with life and he questions why he’s even here. Then he comes inside the Gurudwara and, having lost all hope in life, surrenders himself to Guru Ji. As he Matha Takes, he has flashes of his past lives showing how he slowly progressed spiritually until finally his last life where he was a yogi in deep meditation on a mountain. Back to his present sense, he slowly looks towards Guru Ji and a bright light emerges from Guru Sahib. In the end, many years have passed and we see him peacefully meditating with the divine light within him.

Directed by: Karan Preet Singh/ASA Youth (Age: 20)
Location: SydneyNSW – Australia
Length: 5 min,21 seconds

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