Come to Gurdwara in shorts

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Re: Come to Gurdwara in shorts

Postby gurmail » Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:08 am

Langar in gurdwara and even outside, e.g. Food given out during nagar Kirtan by individuals, belongs to the Guru. There is no distinction between individuals on any basis, none of this rich or poor, believer or nonbeliever. There is no bargain. It is not a bribe, definitely not. Quite the opposite. It does give you cause to reflect. That is personal view and I have observed people eating langar reflecting even for few moment.

Dress code for Amritdharis is defined when they take Amrit. This is a covenant between the individual and representatives of the Guru, Panj Piyare.
Dress code for non amritdhari should be appropriatly modest for the place. What is meant by appropriate? In my view it means that it should not distract worshippers. You don't want people trying to worship to be thinking about what is on display. I think it is a sin to disrupt someone's discourse with the Guru. Now you could say it is not your problem, people should learn to control their wandering eyes and thoughts in a Gurdwara. Well, we are all mortals. Why make it difficult for someone?after all, if a person is so immersed in the thoughts of almighty, to the extent that awareness of the surroundings is lost, then clearly such a person doesn't have to be in the gurwara.
In other words dress code for the rest of us who are not amritdharis is to wear clothes appropriate for the occasion. After all you wouldn't go to a black tie dinner party in your swim suit just as you wouldn't dive into a pool in your Sunday best.
Think about others.
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Re: Come to Gurdwara in shorts

Postby olivashwan » Thu Apr 11, 2019 2:51 am

Hello there,
Sorry to say you I didn't know about Gurudwara because I'm not a Sikh but I know Gurudwara rules the first rule is that the first covered your full body after that you should enter for Gurudwara. Second, rules are that covered your hair & you know covered your body after that wash your leagues after that you should enter in Gurudwara. I say you Gurudwara god house enter for everyone in the temple. Gurudwara members and other person helping to make cooking after that surf food for everyone after that everyone helps clean plates.
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Re: Come to Gurdwara in shorts

Postby EarleanHildreth » Fri Apr 19, 2019 7:15 am

So does Nihang Singh and other began sikhs-khalsa. Kachhera, one of the five Ks is essentially similar to shorts with respect to covering the legs. Desire it has any kind of effect.
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