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If your message was not posted

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Please remember that:
We moderate ONLY the Sikhnet Discussion Forum. Do not ask us about messages or the content posted on any other web page of Sikhnet because we cannot help you nor do we control any other web pages of Sikhnet.com.

Frequently we get an email asking us “why my message was not posted” - without any details.
It is better to "post" such a question rather than sending us an email, because we cannot tell
who you are without the following details:
1. The name you used for posting your messages.
2. The date and title of the message in question.
3. Copy of the message you posted.

If you did not get a rejection from us then your message is still waiting to be examined, or you did not post it properly. When you post a message, be sure to ‘preview’ your message and then ‘submit’ it.
You should then see these words:
“This message has been submitted successfully, but it will need to be approved by a moderator before it is publicly viewable. You will be notified when your post has been approved.”
If you did not see this caption, the posting process was not successful. Post it again.

If you did see this caption, then please do not post the same message again.
Always save a copy of what you posted.

The moderators log on approximately twice a day.

If your message was not approved, we return it to you. We do not delete it. If your message is not visible on the forum within 24 hours, and it was not returned to you then, it means that YOU did not post it properly.
Please post it again.

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