Why do people follow castes?

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Why do people follow castes?

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I am from the UK and I am not Jatt but do want to find a partner for marriage etc. However, I am annoyed by frustrated by the whole "caste" thing. Mainly Jatts who want to meet Jatts only. It is really annoying, hypocritical and just stinks of arrogance and ignorance. I have had to endure this rubbish since I started looking.

On top of that, if you marry in the same caste you are more likely to find someone of the same or similar surname which brings you back to square 1 (as I have seen myself). So it makes sense to marry out of caste. I've even had rejections because one girl knew distant relationships with the same or similar surname to me!

I thought Sikhs don't follow castes. Our Gurus did the right thing abolishing it, to implement the "we are all one" mantra but apparently the parents of girls I talk to know better. Sad as our Gurus are the ones who made sacrifices for this religion. Great idea on paper but in practice we are NOT all one. It doesn't help that Gurdwaras promote this by stories of hiring people of certain castes or charging more for marriages of low caste people. All that matters in a relationship is the person not some outdated label. Frustrating.
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Re: Why do people follow castes?

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If you register with your local gurdwaras they will be able to find a suitable match for you. Try approaching them and also ask them why are they allowing people to ask about other people’s castes? Surely this is not Sikhi?