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Hello brothers and sisters.

I am very excited to be on here today. I have just joined the forum and this is my first post. : )

Please be kind with your responses and I humbly request you reply from the divine within and acknowledge the 'Humai' if it shows it's little head.

I am newly on my spiritual journey and am learning a lot.

As I move along on my journey, I have noticed somethings just coming to me from within. Where I am currently, I have started waking up early each morning and connecting with the divine through Naam Simran, listening to Katha on Japji Sahib, Rehras Sahib & Kirtan Sohila. I am becoming aware of my connection with all life through the entire day. It's so beautiful, peaceful and full of love.

Through this I have given up alcohol as I no longer want to be intoxicated with that in my being. I have also chosen to give up consuming all animal products. This came to me as a deep feeling of knowing that it wasn't in alignment with this spiritual journey. The divine lord is in all and we should honour and cherish that. What a beautiful creation.

I then started to watch videos on animal agriculture and #Cowspiracy #Earthling Ed #Gamechangers and the exploitation of animals in the meat and dairy industry and then went back to Gurbani and found so many references which imply we should do no harm to any other life form and we shall go to our true home with honour.

I 100% acknowledge we are on our own journey and by our own actions we grow closer to or further from our creator and divine essence.

This is a choice I have made for my path based upon what I feel in my heart and the harsh truth of these meat and dairy industries. Animal agriculture is the number 1 contributor to climate change. It is the largest contributor to the destruction of this planet. I can no longer personally support the exploitation of animals within these industries. The industries are far removed from the times of when the Guru's were around. People used to keep cow's on their properties with their calves and it was a mutually symbiotic relationship where the animals were loved and nurtured. Nothing like what happens in today's society where calves are taken away from their mother's as soon as they are born and the mother cow is exploited for their milk which was made for the calf, artificially inseminated year after year etc etc. Please do your own research if you are unfamiliar with these practices. Organic, free range etc all follow similar practices.

I would really love to see a world where us Sikh's stand up as leaders for animal welfare (alongside human welfare, and the welfare of the planet). Dharam - justice/righteousness.

I don't think the Gurdwara's and most of the Satsung are aware of the dairy industry's widespread exploitation practices and so continue to unknowingly support this injustice. How can we spread this awareness? Personally my belief is all Gurdwara's should be vegan and not support any exploitation of animals.

I am aware of the practices of the Guru's at their time in society. We are now living in a very differently manifested world.

I am humbly interested to hear your thoughts.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

Sent with nothing but love to you all : )