Maternal Duties in Sikh Wedding

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Maternal Duties in Sikh Wedding

Postby RHKAUR » Tue Apr 30, 2019 6:36 pm

Hi there! My wedding has been set and I have recently began to plan it out. As I was reading through all the small ceremonies that occur in the wedding I never realized how involved the maternal side is involved in the wedding. (Chooda ceremony, nanki shaak, jaggo, etc.)

My question/concern is:
My dad got divorced with my mom and due to circumstances I am no longer in my mom's life. I have been put under a lot of traumatic events and always have been a target in my Punjabi community (auntiya). I wanted to know how I can fulfill these duties/customs without a mom or maternal side. Any creative ideas or short cuts? (i won't mind having make my own wedding customs)

(Not sure what the "mom" duties are but I'm sure my dad or one of my chachi or bhua will be able to fill in)
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