sikh scholars/preachers misleading new sikh followers

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sikh scholars/preachers misleading new sikh followers

Postby Maninder.kaur » Thu Jan 24, 2019 3:17 am

sat shree Akaal to everyone,
Dear sikh Sangat Here I request you all to help me to overcome the dilemma that is created by so called sikh scholars. Here I want opinion only from common sikh sanagat and not from any 'Missionary or Taksali Jathebandi etc' as I am just an ordinary sikh follower.
I was a firm believer of astrology once but turned to be a sikh follower when astrology couldn't help me to reduce the pain of complicated life and sorrows. Then suddenly by Waheguru's Mehar I recalled Gurbani that says 'Sagal Dwar ko chod k gayo tuharo dwar bahe gye ki laaj as Gobind dass tuhar' and I started Path of 5 bani's and listen bani all day even by leaving my job. This gave me immense peace in mind and and I felt in another world. I read about 'Missionary Sikh Rehat Marayada ' and 'steek of Nitnem Sahib' also as I belong to a sikh family, so could understand bit what Gurbani says to us.

But sangat Ji recently I came across a controversy in Sikhism that left me in tears and doubts about what is right what is wrong. It is about faith in our 'Guru' . previously I didn't even know anything about 'Dasam Granth' I didn't even know whether 'Jaap Sahib' is Shri Guru Granth Sahib's bani or Dasam Granth Bani. For me it was a bani that brings you very close to Waheguru, when you chant so many different names of Akaal Purakh in a flow. I forget all problems of life when I do Path and listen Gurbani. Chanting Bani strengthen my bond with Shri Guru Granth sahib ji and Parmatma. But now when I listen so many different views on Dasam Granth, with curiosity to know what it is actually, on various websites or videos it left me in darkness. Today I couldn't concentrate on Nitnem and in my mind there are many doubts.

on one side, doubt on Guru is a sin that i'm feeling i'm doing right now, on the other side i'm unable to believe my Guru can write such language for us 'jisdi katha ni kiti ja skadi jisnu sangat che beth k padhya ni ja skda'. If my Guru ji wants to explain something to us he could use other examples and language that is accepted by everyone educated or uneducated like if parents want to give sex education to their kids, they will surely use very decent language to explain. on one side Guru Nanak Dev ji explained ' sutak of women' in Gurbani very generously so as he says 'kaam, krodh lobh, moh hankaar' all can be controlled by chanting Naam, then how 10th jot of Guru Nanak can write about women in that manner as it is described in Dasam Granth. How Guru Gobind singh ji present women in that sense. No doubt 'Grehast' is part of our life and many are there who loose their character due to kaam, but then we have Guru di Bani to free ourselves from this vikaar too as descrobed by Nanak patshah ; 'bhri mat paapa k sang oh dhope name k rang'.

worst for me happened when I heard that some sikh scholars are saying if you dont accept Dasam Granth as a whole then it means you should stop chanting 'Jaap Sahib and Chaupai Sahib adik banis as those are also part of Dasam granth.
"jaap Sahib and Chaupai sahib" have been part of our Nitnem and these scholars have raised doubts in my mind regarding these banis too. whereas I feel these banis are same as our other banis. Now what if I don't consider half portion of Dasam Granth as Guru di baani (as that language cant b my Guru's bani). on the other hand, scholars who don't accept Dasam Granth, they argue Dasam granth is not Guru di bani, then they themselves don't chant Jaap sahib and chaupai sahib ? , and why SGPC has included these banis in Nitnem then ? This is really horrible to know . Contarary to this scholars who accept that whole of Dasam Granth is written by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, do they believe Jot of our 9 Guru's can write that language which cant be used for katha and kirtan, didn't Guru ji find any other way to educate sikhs to control kaam instead of revealing bad characters of women. whereas 1st Jot Guru Nanak Dev ji said ' so kyu manda akhiye jit jamme rajaan'. Then to give sex education do Guru ji needed such stories and language? then what is the difference between sikh Granths and Hindu vedas? shouldn't we continue following those then like "kaam shashtar"?

so sangat ji show me right path now, i'm unable to understand both these views, and to whom I should follow.These thoughts have disturbed my mind to that level that my family simply asked me to leave paath pooja and such thoughts and start job and live normal life as before.Since 3 days I am just sitting in my room struggling with these thoughts.Today I couldn't even concentrate on my Nitnem and I couldnt read Jaap sahib and Chaupai sahib as well, because I am feeling guilty on one side that I am doubting on Guru's Bani, but other side I m unable to believe on Dasam Granth's some portion. So in this way , these so called sikhi de parcharak are creating more confusions to common public to follow sikhism instead of finding right answer . people like me follow sikhism after leaving Hindu rituals then if again there is dilemma and mental disturbance then why young minds will follow sikhism. these sikh preachers are torturing common people by creating such issues without wise answers. Now kindly guide me how to control these negative thoughts in mind. Sikhism is my last hope to get spiritual peace in modern world of burning desires and complicated life, I don't want to doubt on my Guru and his gurbani as this is the only way to feel God. I'm feeling guilty to question on Guru's bani but also I feel doubtful that how it is possible that Guru ji has written those stories.

I apologize to all sangat if I said anything unacceptable by reiterating that I am a very ordinary sikh follower without any specific Gyan on sikhism, only having shardha in shri Guru granth sahib ji. My little Gyan says Bani like "jaap sahib" can only be written by Sikh Gurus , whereas my Sharda for my Gurus says none of my sikh Guru can write that language of 'Triyachritar' in Dasam Granth. Kindly show me path to get out of this situation.

waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fatheh
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Re: sikh scholars/preachers misleading new sikh followers

Postby Superstar » Fri Jan 25, 2019 6:19 pm

Please follow the Sikh Rehat Maryada. You can read it as This should answer your questions and resolve any problems you may be facing about Rehat Maryada. Other than that, everyone is playing a game about this issue. No one truly wants to resolve it because it will mean they will be out of business after. Both sides are the same way. Therefore, just ignore and follow the rehat and read Gurbani.
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Re: sikh scholars/preachers misleading new sikh followers

Postby gurmail » Sun Jan 27, 2019 4:34 pm

Do not distress yourself. Read Guru Granth Sahib. Understand it. Everything included in the Granth Sahib, in my humble, opinion flows down from mool mantra. Therefore nothing should contradict it. You can apply the same test to dasam should not contradict Sri Guru Granth Sahib. If it appears to then our interpretation of it is incorrect.

Your understanding, from what you say, is contrary to Guru Granth Sahib. Then according to logic above, either
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Re: sikh scholars/preachers misleading new sikh followers

Postby singh sahib » Thu Feb 28, 2019 8:19 am

There is no doubt about it. Preachers, with vested interests, are misguiding sangat. But we are equally responsible. Instead of understanding Bani ourselves, we have started depending on them excessively. Only solution is to understand Bani in Guru Granth Sahib first and then keep it handy to test any other scripture. If any thing violates this yardstick, it is better to abstain from that part of the scripture. For further guidance you may contact me.

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