26 Female Sikh from Birmingham looking for relationship

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26 Female Sikh from Birmingham looking for relationship

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I am 26, female from UK (Birmingham), single (never married) Sikh, spiritual, non-drinker, non-smoker, veggie/pescetarian. I am interested in learning more about Sikhi but I am not ready yet to take Amrit. I am romantic asexual which means I have low interest or desire for sex. I prefer the emotional bond of love and view sexual intercourse as something more for procreation after marriage. I prefer other simple forms of affection (non-penetrative).
My mother passed away when I was 12 and we were very close. My dad got remarried in India to a stranger and that was difficult for me but I learnt to deal with it. I choose not to see her as a mother figure. My Dad and brother have ignored me for years since my mother passed away, I feel invisible to them and my home doesn't really feel like a proper home.
I am naturally spiritual and have low desire for most things as I understand this life is temporary. However, I do desire love and companionship and I do like food (I’m not fat btw). I am not desperate to have kids but maybe in the future if both people wanted that and it felt right. I am not attached to my family or friends and this is something that is read during the Laavaan. I am looking for someone who is unattached to wordly things and is ready to share a spiritual loving journey with me.
If I do get married I have decided that I would only have a simple wedding, just the Anand Karaj and langhar (or small party with no alcohol), and leave straight from the wedding. I wouldn’t do other rituals like Maya, Chura and Doli because I see no point in doing those things. I don’t mind living with in-laws as long as they don’t drink alcohol and are kind loving people.
If anyone is interested in getting to know me, feel free to PM me. If anyone has any advice on where to look for a suitable partner, please let me know
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Re: 26 Female Sikh from Birmingham looking for relationship

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First of all you should thank Satguru for the blessing of being aware of your real purpose of the human life Secondly, there is no one more capable and sincere than Waheguru so when you sit for meditation or reciting Gurbani say your ardaas specifically for the purpose and don't rush into any decisions or conclusions, life takes its course according to our past karma's and present actions