Short documentary about Nagar Kirtan in London

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Short documentary about Nagar Kirtan in London

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Sat Sri Akal everyone!
I have created a humble short documentary about last year's Nagar Kirtan on my YouTube channel with the help of a Sikh friend. The aim is to explain the festival to non-Sikhs and encourage them to learn more/to become curious about Sikhism. The videos is here:

I'd be extremely appreciative for some help on getting the English subtitles translated so it is accesible to a wider audience. In the area of Southall you not only have the largest Sikh concentration of the UK but also have many Muslims, Hindus, East Europeans and other nationalities sharing this part of town. I often hear comments that reveal ignorance or misunderstanding about Sikh practises that I am keen to clarify. If you speak another language and want to help, I would appreciate your contribution here: ... &ref=share

With much love,