Help for baby's health!!

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Help for baby's health!!

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Hello people,I am Lauraine Snelling from US.I am a punjabi single mother and my son is 2 years old and not growing well.He is growing very slowly and also his weight and height is very less according to his age. Please tell me what to do as i am a gym trainer, So i have to go on my duty for 9 hrs daily.That's unable for me to stay with him for whole day.Please suggest me some health supplements for babies or tell me about some websites or articles which help me about that matter. Also pleae tell me some punjabi homely ideas Because when i was a child, my mother did so much for me. But i dun remember that all things now. So, please help!! Thanks in advance.
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Re: Help for baby's health!!

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you should consult a Punjabi granny. If you go to gurudwara, you will meet some old grannies on sundays. ask for help. Believe me the food that the elders from Punjab give to kids make them so immune and strong. I was given curd wih sugar first thing in the morning. Then breakfast was panjeeri wih milk. Give little panjeeri at first then slowly increase the quantity. then the child can actually eat it on is own in your absence. it not only healthy and makes a person strong, but also tastes good.
Prepare missi roti. its easily digestable and healthy. sharing a site for recepie but again a granny will give you proper details. my granny is in different town so cannot share the details. ... r+in+hindi
Give vegetarian diet to the child as it digests easily and the child will ask for more after some interval. It is nutritious and healthy too. Hope this helps to some extent.