Taming the Beard

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Taming the Beard

Post by SpiritualSeeker »

I have been growing out my hair and beard, but since I have very curly hair, my beard has been getting larger in volume more than longer in length. What are some tips for keeping the beard looking neat and in check without cutting it? I have heard of both compressing it with gel and tying it, but I don't really know how to efficiently go about either. Please offer any and all advice/technique/brands to use etc.
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Re: Taming the Beard

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Hmm... it is very difficult to visualize exactly what you are saying.

However, know that your beard will for the most part set itself. And initially you will be worried about how it looks, because it needs some length before its striking image will remind you of the various Sikhs who gave their lives in sacrifice for the freedom that we enjoy today. When you adopt such a path with such volition, your mind will begin to think in a different way. To most in the world the beard is unappealing, but to you you will be in awe.
Do not get me wrong, this is not a egoistic awe. This is an awe of the nature of the world. We live in a world where much nature is destroyed. One wonders if the humans have destroyed so much of nature when will it take its revenge? It appears the hurricanes, tornadoes, floods (even in US, UK and like) are the message from nature ("you have forsaken me").

Besides the point, here are some tips. Use an oil to comb the beard twice daily with. You will have to find one that suits you. Amla oil is quite popular, most oils are scented in some way. Additionally at the outset the beard is likely going to grow out to the sides at equal length to the bottom. Do not fear, the nature of the beard is that it will grow longer at the chin than out to the side. You have to trust that this will happen in time. As you change and keep looking in the mirror, you may become overly focused in your 'looks'. The point you stop caring is the point that you have overcome your egoic self (not entirely, but that aspect of it).
Be inspired, appreciate your life, and love others as you find divinity within them, Blessings.
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Re: Taming the Beard

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Dear Spiritual Seeker, Sat Sri Akal!

Congratulations on growing your beard and respecting God's manly gift to us males which is to be cherished and preserved as best as we can.A Sikh is obliged to look smart and well turned out without interfering with the natural aspect of his body within sensible and human constraints.Many Sikhs adopt the British-originated practice of fixing,pasting,threading,curling the beard,etc as some of the many ways of making it "neat and tidy".They tried to make us 'gentlemen'!But I am personally against this as Guru has asked us to adorn a full-flowing beard(lion's mane) redardless of how self-conscious we may feel about it.It soon becomes second nature.

Use a brush as well as your Kangha( one of the 5 K's,a wooden comb tucked in your hair behind your top-knot)as often as you can.The more you groom your beard lovingly,the more "tame" it gets.But for heavens sake,do not ever get so irritated as to think of trimming or cutting,as that will be retrogressive and a big step backwards,which you don't ever want to do.Be loving to yourself,to Guru's gift and to Nature,and ultimately to God Almighty whose faithful children we aspire to be.

So best wishes and good beard-management!
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Re: Taming the Beard

Post by sharjeet »

Waheguru ji ka khalsa
Waheguru ji ki fateh

Sime of the things are very great....I think you have lill love with you hairs and the orders of GURUGOBIND SINGH JI MAHARAAJ,And you are very lucky that you have big beard becoz keas guru di mohar hai so you have dark stamp means guru di bakshish hai aap ji oopar.If you can keep open beard so nothing nice that but If you want to tie it otherwise want to fix with gel so should use alcohal free gel.I am using set wet which is alcohal free.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa
Waheguru ji ki fateh
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