I am suffering from spondylo arthritis, please help me

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I am suffering from spondylo arthritis, please help me

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Waheguru Ji,

I am from Maharashtra, India. I born in Sindhi family. but since 2013 I started visiting gurudwara in Pimpri Pune after that I realised that there is nothing like caste(it's all human created) and started practising Gurbani. I got to know that there is nothing permanent except Naam Simran. Since september 2019 I am suffering from spondylo arthrities.

I used to do nitname (When I was happy, I used to remember almighty (Waheguru). Then why I got pain? I belive everything is hukum and sometime I accept that this is hukum without complaining. But sometime I feel there is lake in my devotion)
Well, now I can't do nitname & amritvela sometime I do and sometime I can't wake up because of high dosage of medicines.

I know "Simar simar kaattae sabh rog"

I would like to know how can I find permanent cure for the disease through gurbani (currently, there is not any cure for spondylo arthrities) and I am not amritdhari, so shoul I take Amrit and follow all the 5 k's told by 10th master and all those 52 Hukums .. Please guide me.

I lost my job and falling financially gradually.

Someone here who can help me out with Gurbani. Please, if you know any eleveted sikh saint, then please let me know his/her name. Because, now I don't get such +ve vibrations which I used to get earlier while doing Amritvela.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki fateh.