Inter religion marriage

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Inter religion marriage

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I had a question in mind. Is it that marrying in other religion is a sin?
Is it said by our gurus that a sikh cannot marry a hindu?
Or is it said in gurbani that this is a sin?

I am a sikh girl and I love a hindu guy. We are in a relationship since 5 years. His parents know about our relationship and are ready for our marriage but my parents are not. He is a good guy and his family is also very nice. When I told my parents about this so my mother asked everything about the guy and after hearing everything she was ok but not happy as she said that in our religion it is not allowed. Our gurbani says not to do this. But if I marry a hindu guy I am not leaving my gurus and their teachings. I will keep my kesh. I will be a sikh follower also as I love the guy so I also respect his religion. I want to know about the teachings of gurus that is it so that if I marry a hibdu guy then it is wrong and a sin. I am going against my gurus. Please answer if anyone knows about it.

This was what my mother told but when I told about this to my father he didnot even ask about the guy. He just came to know that he is a hindi after that he did not asked a single thing and directly said no. He said this is not at all possible. What will the community say. How will they treat us. And many things. Now they are making me emotional that if I say to marry that guy then my dad will not live anymore. And I cannot see my dad crying so I said him that I will do whatever you say.

I am in a big trouble please help me if anyone can. How can I convince my dad for this. Please help
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Re: Inter religion marriage

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actually its very hard to answer . first of all guru ji said we should only being in love with the almighty . but if you both are really in love . guru ji never said anything which discriminate the human beings on ground of religion. so your family should go with you
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Re: Inter religion marriage

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And bibi lots of non sikhs here with fake id's trying to manipulate us.