US Student needs help

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US Student needs help

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I'm an international student in US who used to be a really good student in Science. I came here to study strong fields of Computer Science which required to sell all property we had in India and also take debt. My parents only saw my dreams and sold all the property.

After coming in the US, (I got into a few prestigious universities like UWaterloo) but chose an affordable one. The university is really for-money only and no education was found. I felt like cheated but couldn't do anything. I had no idea which University I should transfer to. I felt confused.

I accepted it as Maharaj's Bhaana and attended this college. It's going to be almost an year. Really bad things happened with me

I asked so many professors that I'm doing a research in making a device for blind people and various other interests I shared. All of them heavily discouraged me all the time. In classes, I was pointed out all the time. The professors wanted me to praise them for some reason, I felt like.

All my internal peace and confident got murdered. This semester, I went through a financial hardships. I am only eating once in 2 days since the last 3 months.

I've been trying really really hard to stay alright. But the professors killed all my confidence and self esteem. I have exams coming up and I'm so low I couldn't even study. Everything is failing. I have no idea what to do. I got a job but the Starbucks manager asked me to cut my beard which is hard although I used to trim it before. Everytime I try, the financial issue always comes up. I felt like I couldn't tie turban. I'm so poor after paying thousands of dollars in international & out-of-state tuition.

I really wanted to ask my veer and bhenjis to please suggest me something. I'm really going through tough time. I've been in a situation where a large part of my funding is taken while returned nothing in education.

I've been murdered internally. Please help.
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Re: US Student needs help

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I am so sorry to hear that. Please be strong and do not lose faith. View it as a difficult time in your life and it shall pass, do not get discouraged.

Do you have any relatives here in USA? If you do not mind sharing your location/ contact, we can definitely try to help.
yudhvir singh
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Re: US Student needs help

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I'm also an international student in Canada veer, so I can corroborate your claim that the education is not what was expected. We come here thinking it would be different, but it really isn't. The quality is only a little bit better, and when this is combined with the double fees that we pay as international students, the feeling of being cheated really takes root in the mind.

Having said all that, do not lose confidence veer. The initial phase is always tough. Please do not take any more money from those in India. Thankfully, even the minimum wages in the US are enough to sustain a single guy. You shouldn't have to eat only once in 3 days if you're working. Regarding the fees, we have several methods of reducing our financial burden, though things like bursary, fee waivers, etc. Check them out. If nothing works, just try working extra shifts. If a brother's advice holds any meaning, then here are my two cents -
Whatever happens is preordained. If your condition is not the way you want, let it be. Accept your predicament and go with the flow. If life is making you work hard, then WORK HARD. Like all things in life, this shall pass, and you will return all the more wiser from this experience.
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Re: US Student needs help

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Do not lose faith.