Family, love, marriage, children and the relationship of ourselves to our own soul and to the Guru
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I am guilty of being in a relationship with a non amritdhari guy. At first he seemed truthful and loyal and a genuine guy but over time I came to know that he can cheat me anytime and I am not the only girl he has been with which made me be in stress for quite a while.God knows how many girls he has used and betrayed. I was looking for a guy to get married to and he took it in another way thinking that I was just there for fun which I made him clear several times and broke up with him several times saying that we don’t have a future together so being together just doesn’t make any sense to me. But either he will call or I will call. My problem is I can’t be very rude to people. I called after breaking up as well in a hope that he understands me but he never did and never wanted to because he was just using me and passing time. To him, I and amrit was of no value and in all that I can no longer say that I am a sikh for being in a relationship with a non amritdhari guy or let’s say for being in a relationship without being married. I see no way I can live my life as a sikh now because I don’t have courage to tell all that happened between us and how and how he trapped me in. I feel stupid and dumb to believe him and trust him like anything. I am no more in that relationship but I am still scared of telling it to 5 pyare. And without telling, I can’t be a sikh again. Please help.
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First, don't fall into these traps. If you have fallen, own up and go to 5 pyare.