Which taal can go along with raag asa?

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Which taal can go along with raag asa?

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Sat Sri Akal!
I'm trying to recite Sri JapJi Sahib in kirtan, and read somewhere that raag Asa is a good one to go along with the bani. Is it so?
I'm very new to kirtan, and kind of isolated here. Don't have any formed sangat here in Brasil. At least, not near me.
So the main question, which taal can go along with raag Asa?

Thank you so much.
Many blessings
VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa
VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh
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Re: Which taal can go along with raag asa?

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If one takes raga as being the notes one plays, the melodic phrases unique to that raga and the way the notes are played, any taal can be played with any raga. Taal is just the best cycle ie number of beats in a bar in western terms and so it is very variable and depends on how the melody fits into a cycle.

Take this example:

This is a 16 beat cycle, so teentaal. As a very general rule, shorter sentences or phrases take up fewer beats per cycle so instead of 16 beats ie teentaal, it may be 12 beats ie ektaal, 10 beats ie jhaptaal or 7 beats ie rupak.

I mean this in the kindest possible way, and as we are all learners do the guru’s teachings, we should have a basic understanding of how raga evokes emotions, manipulation of raga and utilisation of the correct taal. I strongly suggest that you do a little bit of research into taal and raga. It may seem quite complicated at first but we all have to learn. I hope this may have helped, if not let me know. (I hope I didn’t sound patronising - I really didn’t intend to be).

Good luck!