Sumiran Karle Mere Mana, Shabad by Guru Nanak Dev Ji

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Sumiran Karle Mere Mana, Shabad by Guru Nanak Dev Ji

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I recently came across a bhajan sung by Pandit Jasraj Ji when searching for music and kirtan in raag bhairavi (one of my favourite ragas btw) and when I heard it, the final line ends on Kaho Nanak, just like in gurbani. After hearing this bhajan, I tried searching for this shabad in SGGSJ but to no avail. After a little research a long while ago, I recall reading that it may have been written by Bhagat Kabir and popularised by Guru Nanak Dev Ji themselves, although I am unsure of the validity of this. I know in the Rehat Maryada, under the section of Kirtan, there is a subsection stating that one cannot do Kirtan that is not in SGGSJ, however both Bhagat Kabir and Guru Nanak Dev Ji are in SGGSJ, so I am wondering why this particular bhajan/shabad has been omitted and is more popular as the bhajan than as the shabad? Would it be wrong if I were to sing this shabad in the Gurudwara? Any more information on this matter would be amazing! Thank you in advance!

I cannot find the Gurmukhi version so here is the Devanagari:
सुमिरन कर ले मेरे मना,
तेरी बीती उम्र हरी नाम बिना ।

पंछी पंख बिना, हस्ती दन्त बिना, नारी पुरुष बिना,
जैसे पुत्र पिता बिना हीना, तैसे पुरुष हरी नाम बिना ।

कूप नीर बिना, धेनु खीर बिना, धरती मेह बिना,
जैसे तरुवर फल बिना हीना, तैसे पुरुष हरी नाम बिना ।

देह नैन बिना, रैन चन्द्र बिना, मंदिर दीप बिना,
जैसे पंडित वेद विहीना, तैसे पुरुष हरी नाम बिना ।

काम क्रोध मद लोभ निवारो, छोड़ विरोध तू संत जना ।
कहे नानक तू सुन भगवंता, इस जग में नहीं कोई अपना ॥

Sumiran karle mere mana,
teri beeti umar hari naam bina,

Koopa neer bin dhenu chheer bin,
dharti megha bina,
jaise taruvar phal bina heena,
taise praani hari naam bina,

Deha naina bin raina chandra bin
mandir deep nina
jaise pandit ved bhina
taise praani hari naam bina

Kaam krodh mad lobh niraado
chaad de sab sant jana
kahe naanak shah sun bhagwanta
ya jag main nahi koi apna

Say the holy name the one, o heart of mine,
your life ages away without the name of hari

A well without water, cow without milk,
the earth without rain and clouds,
the tree without fruit,
that's the being without the name of hari

A body without eyes, night without moon,
temple without lamps
preist without scriptures
that's the being without the name of hari

Dispel lust, anger, jealousy and pride from your life
leave this materialistic world behind like the saints
gurunaanak says, listen lord of all
in this materialistic world, there is no one truly my own

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