In - Laws do not like me

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In - Laws do not like me

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I've been married a year and a half now. My husband and I do love each other, but he cannot move away from his parents, hence I am also living with them under their house.

They did not like me from the beginning, saying i'm don't serve them all day ( i work 5 days a week as a public accountant), they do not like my husband going grocery shopping with me as that is a women's job, he can't cook with me or help clean up as that is a women's job.

My father in law believes in a baba in India, and does paath every morning, doesn't eat mean, yet talks so meanly of me. Like I am the villian making plans in an indian tv serial. He says i my husband doesn't save money because of me, as I make him spend and I save because I am cheap. What happen to the other 1.5 years before he married me where he did not save.
My husband drinks a lot, and I didn't know. I am trying to help him, but he will not take help until he is ready to be helped. He is an alcoholic. His parents think I should be straightening him up. They think is drinking is continuing because of me.
I buy groceries a week for $150, and he told my mother in law she is so cheap, is she going to be cheap and buy groceries for $40 then tell her not to bother. He talks about me to his other children with hateful things.

What I don't understand is why does he say such hateful things, but does not eat mean, and does paath. It makes me lose faith in our religion. Do all those things that are required in Sikhi make you a true sikh? :(