Ghosts or no ghosts?

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Re: Ghosts or no ghosts?

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If any of you are seeing things , hearing stuff etc then I suggest you see a doctor at the earliest. In my limited experience it is the first sign of schizophrenic condition. At this early stage it is treatable. So don't think twice and see your doctor like pronto. In my capacity as a manager, I have had to deal with about half a dozen graduates with such conditions. Boy, I got them more than others in our organisation. It could be because I understood the condition and dealt with it. Other managers used to push the problem in direction of personnel, Human Resources, and dealt with it that way.
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Re: Ghosts or no ghosts?

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the answer is:
what do you define as a ghost?
sometimes having a dream where there are new people could be ghosts.
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Re: Ghosts or no ghosts?

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I attempted the connection that you simply posted Manmukh, but it can be an excess or now not existent connection because it goes no position. Transfer what you have.

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Re: Ghosts or no ghosts?

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Listen to sant MASKEEN JI if you want to know whether ghosts exists or not... If you feel you are possessed , there is mantra for it. Sant MASKEEN JI told that in a video on YouTube
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