What do you count as nitnim?

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What do you count as nitnim?

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Waheguru ji ki khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
The other day I asked the gyani at my local gurdwara about taking amrit however he can't speak good English and I can't speak good Punjabi so it was hard to understand the advice he was giving me. However, from what he said it sounded like I was doing more paath then what is necessary. I currently do panj bania in the morning and rehras sahib before I have dinner and then kirtan sohila when I'm about to go to sleep. Obviously more paath is better but is this not the minimum nitnim that I have to do everyday?
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Re: What do you count as nitnim?

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Nitnem in its very basic sense means that ones daily routine. According to our rehat Maryada Five banis of morning Reharas and Sohiala Sahib is our necessary nitnem, for whoever takes Amrit but more is better while at the same time quantity is not only fruitful but the devotion and guru's hukum brings in better results