Paath while working

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Paath while working

Post by Minni »

Sat sri akal,

I have a question regarding paath( bani), is it ok to do half bani only ? I only remember 20 pauris of japji sahib and hardly gets anytime to sit and do paath from Gutka sahib. Is it ok if I keep repeating 20 pauris in the morning while working? Also how to focus on bani ? Even if I am sitting in quiet room( hardly possible) and doing paath my mind wanders in stuff. Something keeps on going in subconscious mind. Where should I concentrate. Doing paath while working will be same thing like not fully focusing on bani ?

Another question is what is seva ? Like if some told you to do seva,what does that mean ? I met one baba ji once and he asked me to do seva ( he said ," beta ji seva karya karo" ) . Is it doing Simran or doing physical work like doing dishes at gurdwara or stuff like that ? Somebody told me that doing Simran is also seva .

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Re: Paath while working

Post by Gaganjeet »

The mind will wander as it is something we have asked our mind to do since birth. Getting it to occupy in something or other. It can be like playing, reading, socialising, movies, chats, etc. When one is tired of one thing a person moves to another activity saying - I am so bored. You will not see this in animals. You will see a cow, dog, or even a donkey sitting silently when it has eaten. They will just sit with eyes closed because their mind is not restless as ours.
The babaji you talked to gave the right advice of doing seva. Seva is physical activity in name og god. It has to be selfless. As per the physical strength one can do any seva. Washing, cleaning cooking, etc. It can be even done at home. One just needs to think that whatever he/she is doing is in service to god. This is the best way to keep your mind busy. Instead it will wander here and there. Whenever one doesn't feels like sitting in simran and gurbani reading, one should start doing seva immediately.
Both seva and simran have same outcome -

Both clean the mind and slowly over time mind settles.

Even if one doesn't absorbs mind in gurbani , one should make effort to continue doing it.
Guru says - GURBANI SUNN MAIL GAVAYE... Even if you don't understand it, it keeps cleaning your mind... You will see the results overtime.
I would ask you not to do paath till 20 pauri as it is incomplete. Instead do PAATH of 1st pauri till NANAK HOSI BHI SACH when you are working or moving around. It will benefit you more...
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Re: Paath while working

Post by DarshanKaurSethi »

Gurfateh ji,

Maybe during work, you might want to plug in a ear piece with the paath going on. I do that on a daily basis. I usually listen to Sukhmani Sahib paath while i am doing my work. It keeps me calm the entire work day.

Just a suggestion. I am not sure its right or wrong, but even listening to bani has its benefits.

Personally I feel its alright, because this is between you and Guru ji. And Guru ji is very understanding.

Gurfateh ji,
Darshan Kaur
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Re: Paath while working

Post by Bundha »

All reciting of bani is good. If you just know the mantra Waheguru, then just repeat Waheguru, Waheguru, waheguru. If you know just Ekh-oan-kaar, then just repeat this. If you just know Mool Mantra, then just repeat this. If you know 20 pauries of Japji Sahib then repeat this. Most people say they will do simran but never get round to it so just start, Guru Ji will do the rest.

Sometimes repeating 20 pauries or full japji Sahib may not be possible as you may get distracted at work or someone comes to talk to you etc, it may be that it is better just to repeat Mool Mantra, but if you can do 20 pauries then that is also good.

If you want to meet Guru Gobind Singh Ji then try repetition of Chaupai Sahib from beginning of Akaal Ustat – Pranvo Aadh Ekonkaara…. Quite short chaupai and easy to learn, this is good to repeat in your mind.

Have you noticed that your mind never wonders when you are watching a movie? Or reading a magazine or book? But your mind will wonder every time you try to do something that moves you towards your Guru. This is because those five within you get very active when you start to do paath or simran. So be aware of them, know what is going on in your mind. But don’t be disheartened as this battle will rage for as long as you are doing simran, it only gets easier by Gurparsad, Guru Ji’s kirpa.

Seva is when you do selfless service to your Guru. Remember Guru Ji resides in the sangat so if you do service of the sangat you are doing seva of your Guru. So go to the gurdwara and do any work, wash dishes, wash pots and pans, clean out the toilets. Help in the langar, clean the tables. The more menial the job the more nimarta will enter you mind, it chips away atyour ego. But first it is difficult your ego will say “ME! Clean peoles shoes ?” “ME! Clean the tiolets?” this is your ego speaking, ignore it and do the seva, slowly nimarta will enter your mind because without nimarta/humbleness you cannot ever meet your Guru. Keep your Guru in your mind when you do seva never think ill of anyopne even if someone says harsh words towards you and your Guru will be very pleased with you.
Guru Nanak Dev Ji Guru Gobind Singh Ji Guru Granth Sahib Ji Dasam Granth Sahib Ji.
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Re: Paath while working

Post by jaswon »

I listen to kirtan whilst at my desk. It helps me remain focused.