Sukhmani Sahib

Spirituality, Gurbani, Naam, Bani, Bana, Simran and Seva.
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Sukhmani Sahib

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Sadhsangat ji
Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
Waheguru ji ki Fateh
By guru grace Das is interested in starting Sukhmani Sahib's veechar doing one pad a day
The highlight of this veechar is
1 making clear meaning of each and every word and underlying concept
2 references from gurbani
3 details of mythological references
4 stress on shudh ucharan and common mistakes
5 it will be in Punjabi

To start this i need your blessings and cooperation

The first help which i urgently need is
Someone who can do proof reading

I m not that good in Punjabi so if someone can volunteer to check spelling mistakes and put proper punctuation marks

Waiting for the help
Guru mehr kre

Harpinder Pal
[email protected]
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