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Postby reetpreet__kaur » Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:42 am

waheguru ji ka khalsa,
waheguru ji ki fateh..

by god's blessing and will i wrote this article that i wants to share with all sikh girls out there struggling with question sfrom all directions regarding not cutting/trimming/waxing hair ...


Hair, just as any other part of our body, is a God-given gift .Keeping long hair confirms a Sikh's belief in the acceptance of God's Will, and teaches humility and acceptance.

But looking at today’s world modern lifestyle and influence of glamour Sikh girls have started feelings themselves as inferior to other girls( generally from hindu background) and end up cutting hairs . Just to prove to others that they are open to modern sense of style and fashion, ; they end up cutting hair, Sikh girls are killing their self-respect and disregarding Sikh principles and commandants of gurus.

Doing something that is against ones standards and moral values, just to please others, is not right. If girls from other religions are cutting hair today, tomorrow they may change their lifestyle more with time. Then question comes that will Sikh girls follow that also for the sake of pleasing others and to show that they are not different from crowd.

I have heard girls from other communities saying to Sikh girls “hey, you are so beautiful why don’t you just do little changes in your hairstyle or why don’t you go parlour and do your eyebrows, believe me you will look awesome and more beautiful with changes”. And the innocent minds, sheepishly give in to their vanity.

In Sikhism it is said that acceptance of the God-given form, acceptance of one’s appearance and hence avoidance of excessive vanity is part of simple living so that one can move more towards god because ultimate goal of one’s life is to reach near to Waheguru.

Kneeling under the pressure of friends from other communities exhibits that today’s KAUR is not strong enough to stand on her faith. Waheguru has gifted this beautiful surname KAUR (meaning princess) to beautiful, physically and mentally strong girls of Sikh community so they need to act, react, and behave at every step of life like a princess.

A princess is a born leader; she never follows the trends and lifestyle set up in society by herd mentality. Why then be a sheep? Brainless and docile to follow fashion trends of bollywood blindly believing them to be modernity. Such people are so weak that they can’t oppose the wrong things in spite of their futility rather they integrate them in their own lives. Waheguru has blessed with different and unique identity feel proud of it ,if you have an option of looking unique in crowd then why follow blindly?

A princess is one who has her own rules (set by gurus for all Sikh women). Then why to follow others’ rule and become a sheep when you are already a princess ; why to become slaves of others in sense of fashion and style. A princess lives a royal life, she is one who is gifted beautiful body and soul by Waheguru so why to degrade your soul in eyes of God just to please another sheep………

It is your long beautiful hair and simplicity that charm hordes of masses. People with a single glance know who you are? and explode “she must be a sardani, all sardanis are beautiful and have long hair”. If women have long hair, it is a glory to her. People can identify you by grace on your face and simplicity then why to mix in crowd………

So next time if anyone says change your style then say ‘this is my royal style having long beautiful hair and natural undone eyebrows as I am a naturally beautiful by God’s Grace – there is no need to indulge in artificial beauty ; constrained beauty is short lived. I have a beautiful true heart and soul which is dedicated to my Waheguru. He has given me the honour of a Princess. So before you think of cutting/shaving/forcefully extracting /waxing / plucking hair or doing eyebrows do ask yourself?

Who I am?

I am a KAUR a princess not a sheep.

Am I doing my duty rightfully as a daughter?

Who am I trying to please?

Does this act pleases God?

God is perfect, and so is God's creation. So is it right to try changing his creation? Am I doubting God’s creative potential?

If one day you found your earlobes or your eye lashes unattractive, would you just cut them off?

Is hair a disease refractory to medical treatment?

Does keeping hair cause unbearable pain and suffering as would a disabling disease?

I don’t feel like writing here the scientific benefits of hairs because I trust in my Guru more than I trust in science , you may feel it is an awkward statement but when you will read sacrifices made by our gurus you will realize my basis of unflinching trust in my guru’s teaching.

Scientifically hairs on body have many functions such as its important role in regulating body temperature and much more. So next time any women from other religion questions about hair you have option of answering her in a scientific way giving her some link of internet . But your faith in Sikhi and guru will be enough to answer her.

If still you think the girl questioning on your hair not satisfied of your answers then last thing to say and move ahead with your head held high “A Sikh's goal is to be in Chardhi Kala (unbounded optimism) because Sikhism is a religion of Truth. It is our gurus guidance to not to cut hair and I follows it whole heartedly to feel proud in myself and be true in eyes of my beloved Waheguru. The Guru's guidance makes sense, because it brings bliss in my life.”

Here is a question that every Sikh girl has in her head let’s make it more clear :

Q: In society if all other women are waxing or plucking hairs then how to face it and why don’t I do?

A: In society women are expected to pluck out their eyebrows, shave their legs, if they wish to be on the beach in swimsuits, they undergo painful waxing procedures to strip out so called "unwanted hair"...a painful process. Basically a woman is expected to fit into the picture of “sexy woman” shown on TV and print media .Knowing very well that it is not the natural women but a makeup and animation generated fake copy.

We Sikh women believes in living healthy ,simple and natural life .We Sikhs believe in one’s values and morals not in one’s appearance.

Sikh women have an opportunity to make a statement here...provide personal examples of healthy living without these silly and irritating practices.

Q: Some people behave that if Sikh girls don’t cut hair it mean they don’t have any freedom and their parents pressurize them a lot to not to do that ?

A: This is not true following religion is one's own decision ,at least for me it was and is .From childhood parents teach their children do's and don'ts and whatever traditions ,beliefs and value system is to be given is given till child attains teenage .After teenage child becomes mature and gets to know what is right ,what is wrong and what will be consequences of doing wrong.

If after that age a person believes in religion and wants to follow it, it’s his/her own decision. If you say children are pressurized then let us see a small eg. if mom tells a child that this is a box of sweets but doesn’t tells which sweet is in and asks child before leaving home not to open it .Now this is human nature, we are always curious to know what is not told .So ‘will you not open the box? to see which sweet it is and taste it though she has asked you not to open’. So thing is you will still do the same thing even if you’re pressurized to don’t do....but if you have patience you will wait or I may say if you believe your mom must have said all that for your good only then you will not do it. It’s about respecting your parents decision and trusting their words, parents can pressurize but if you don’t want to follow or feel it’s right for you . Then you will never follow no matter how much every one pressurizes. After attaining teenage a stage comes when you are responsible for all your decision yourself. Because then you know what's more right for you. If Sikh girls don't cut hair it means they know what’s right for them and as they wants to follow religion so they don’t need anybody else reasoning and logics that what's being chosen by themselves and what's being pressurized.

I will like to add I learnt about Sikhism more out of my own interest but yes parents provided me an atmosphere .I had books on Sikhism in my home in Hindi ,English and Punjabi. They did send me to Gurmat camps in childhood and by the time I reached teenage I myself wanted to be in those camps .and by the time I reached intermediate I wanted to teach in that camp.

Parents have a role in giving right direction to a child because child will not learn about Sikhism automatically , parents will have to guide him/her at every step .But if this guidance is strong then child will become more stronger in Sikhi principle than his/her parents.
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Postby sabic » Sun Feb 17, 2013 7:09 am

Really appreciate your article and views… for Singh too
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Postby Guest » Sun Jun 16, 2013 11:37 am

This is a beautiful article. i am highly inspired and motivated. thanks a million:)
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Postby reetpreet__kaur » Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:03 am

thanks..its all god's grace and will ,i am nothing w/o his will ,he only blesses u with right thinking...
"Na Ko Murakh Na ko Siyana, Varte Sab Kuj Tera Bhana"
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