Gurbani in the light of modern Science

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Gurbani in the light of modern Science

Postby Narinder Singh584 » Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:09 pm

Divas raat----day and night
Dhayee dhayia-----nurses(female and male)
Khelaya sagal jagat -----entire world(biotic&abiotic)
Changiana Bhuriana----useful variation&harmful variation)
Watched dharm hdhoor-----to be adjudged in the court of nature
Karmi aapo aapni----depending upon the nature of variation
Key nare key dhoor-----some come close to the evolutionary process & some go away from it&face extinction
Jinee Naam teyaya---those who recited the name of almighty God i.e learnt to live in accordance with nature
Gaye mushakat ghaal---their activities (in the form of producer consumer decomposer)are recognised&appreciated
Nanak tey much ujaley---guru Nanak says they become pure(phenotypically as well as genotypically)
Ketyee chhutee naal---may give rise to new species

In fact guru Nanak deciphered the basic concepts of biology in this Salok .When He talks about three spheres of life it means He talks about biosphere and added highly respectable words with them so that people may come to realise the importance & significance of these life supporting sphere. Day & night are the two nurses in the lap of which all the living beings are playing their role and undergo some changes i.e. variations. The utility or the continuity of these variations are to be adjudged in the court of nature and depending upon the nature of these variation some creatures become the part of the evolutionary process & other gets eliminated. i.e. extinction
Those who learn to live in accordance with the laws of nature their role in this biosphere is recognised and appreciated. They become pure (phenotypically & genotypically ) and give rise to so many species of new kinds.
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Re: Gurbani in the light of modern Science

Postby swarn bains » Sun Aug 26, 2012 6:09 pm

the life has been created by mixing water and earth by adding culture of air. as the day and night begin and end, the same way the entire creation takes birth and dies.
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